A School Magazine Paragraph

A School Magazine Paragraph For Class 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Write a paragraph of about 100, 150, or 200 words on “A School Magazine”. In your paragraph answer the following questions:

  • What is a school magazine?
  • What is the name of your school magazine?
  • What does it contain?
  • How is it published?
  • What is the function of the magazine committee?
  • What is the importance of a school magazine?

A School Magazine Paragraph For Class 6, 7, 8

A school magazine is an important part of a school. Every school has its own magazine. We also have a school magazine. The name of our school magazine is “Book of Wisdom”.  It is generally a literary journal for the school. It is published once a year. It contains stories, poems, articles, and other information about a school. It helps the students to improve their hidden talents. It also helps the students to flourish as future writers. To publish a school magazine a committee is formed in a general meeting. The committee is formed with some teachers and students. The editor invites writings both in Bangla and English. Among the articles, the authority selects the best articles for publication in the journal. After final editing, the magazine is sent for printing. Finally, the magazine was distributed among the students and teachers.

A School Magazine Paragraph For Class 9 and 10 (SSC)

A school magazine is a magazine written by the teachers and students of a school. Almost every well-established school publishes a magazine every year. Our school also has a school magazine. The name of our school magazine is “Book of Wisdom”. It gives a view of school life and reveals the creative talents of the students. It contains poems, articles, and short stories written by teachers and students. Publishing a school magazine is a challenging task. The editor and his assistants have to work hard to publish the magazine. The magazine Committee invites submissions from students and teachers. The Editorial Board selects qualified individuals for publication.

Most importantly it brings out the latent creative talent of the students and thus helps them become good writers. A student feels proud and happy when he finds prints of his own writing. The school magazine also reflects the academic and co-curricular activities of the school. Students can learn a lot from the school magazine. In a word, the school magazine is the mirror of the school.

A School Magazine Paragraph For Class 11 and 12 (HSC)

A school magazine is an annual publication of a school. Our school has a school magazine. Our school magazine is called “Book of Wisdom”. It is published once a year. Our school magazine contains poems, short stories, articles, and other information about our school. It also contains a message from our Headmaster. First, a magazine committee was formed to publish the magazine in a general meeting. The Headmaster of the school is the chairman of the committee. He inspires us to submit our writings. An English teacher is an editor. Other members of the committee helped him publish the magazine.

The editor invited us to write in both Bengali and English. Students and teachers write their own essays and submit them to the editors. In this way, students can learn new things and develop their hidden talents. Then the editor completes the editing process and sends the magazine to print. Students are happy to see their writing in the magazine. Other students also became interested in writing. Thus magazines help students to find their talents.

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