10 essential ways for a healthy kidney

10 Essential Ways for a Healthy Kidney

Healthy kidney needs extra care:

Kidney disease is a silent killer. The kidneys are one of the various organs of our body. Humans have two kidneys that protect the body’s water balance and filter out various contaminants. The number of patients with kidney disease all over the world are increasing day by day. Many people die of the disease every year. Treatment for this type of disease is also very expensive. So kidney care should be taken in advance.

Take care for healthy kidney

Let’s find out 10 ways to keep a Healthy kidney:

1. Eat less salt to keep healthy kidney:

Eating too much salt in food is detrimental to kidney health. Human body needs only 1 teaspoon of salt daily. So to avoid kidney disease, avoid eating excess salt. If you eat more salt then you will be faced blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes as well as kidney disease.

2. Drink Enough Water:

Drink at least 8 glasses of water or liquid food daily. However, if the excess sweat, the amount of water intake should be increased. Kidney stones are not consumed by drinking enough water and its normal functioning. As well as pregnant women need more water to keep a healthy body.

3. Avoid consuming excess protein:

Kidney beans, pork, etc., have additional stress on the kidney. Even chips, fast foods, processed foods, instant noodles and roasted nuts with salt are extremely harmful to the kidneys. If there is excess protein in the diet list, the kidneys are stressed and the kidney’s weak cells are likely to be damaged.

So skip the protein or put the protein of the fish or pulses in the list of foods.

4. Keep the blood pressure normal:

If blood pressure is above 140/90, the risk of kidney problems increases. So to keep the kidneys good, always try to keep the blood pressure at 130/80 or lower. Regular exercise and low intake of salt are essential to keep blood pressure low.

5. Control diabetes:

Without controlling diabetes, the risk of kidney disease increases. So check blood sugar regularly. Avoid sugary foods if sugar is high. Be careful about taking medicines.

6. Don’t Take medicine without Doctor’s Advice:

Almost all drugs are harmful to the kidneys. Painkillers, in particular, are not good for the kidneys. Without knowing the rules, don’t buy any kind of medicines otherwise your kidney will be severely damaged. Therefore, before taking any medicines, consult a doctor.

7. Avoid consuming too much vitamin C:

Humans need no more than 500 milligrams of vitamin C per day. Kidney stones are more likely to be consumed with vitamin C than regular meals. So take 500 mg or less vitamin C daily. So, don’t take too much vitamin C foods or meals.

8. Avoid soft drinks:

Many peoples are drinking soft drinks or different types of energy drinks instead of water. These drinks are extremely harmful to the kidneys. So avoid soft drinks and drink water whenever you get thirsty. Take always normal water that helps more to keep a sharp and fresh mind.

9. Quit smoking and drinking:

Due to smoking and alcoholism, the blood flow to the kidneys gradually decreases and this also reduces kidney function. As a result, smokers and alcoholics are infected with kidney disease at one stage.

10. Take Regular Tests To Your Kidney:

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, overweight or a kidney problem in the family, the risk of kidney disease is high. Those who have the risk of kidney disease should have regular kidney tests.

So, to take care of yourself then don’t forget to maintain all of the instructions to keep you healthy and active. Long live.


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