IELTS Interview Questions and Answers

IELTS Interview Questions and Answers | IELTS Questions & Answers

IELTS Interview Questions and Answers can help you to learn the basics of speaking English. Here we’ve given some interviews questions with answers for your English speaking practice.  Here we have answered 20 important questions of IELTS that are commonly asked in IELTS.

IELTS Interview Questions and Answers practice

Question 01: What is your full name?

Answer: My first name is Sayma and my last name is Nazneen, please call me Sayma.

Question 02: Where are you from?

Answer: I’m originally from Kolkata in India but now I live here in New York, USA.

Question 03: Do you work or study?

Answer: Currently I’m working part-time as a customer service agent at a telecom company and I’m studying full=time in the fourth year of the chemistry program. I’m studying to be a chemist.

IELTS Interview Questions 04: What is your favourite color?

Answer: I like the color green because it’s vibrant and full of life. I like to have a lot of green around my house. 

Question 05: Let’s talk about your daily routines. What time do you usually get up?

Answer: It depends on which day of the week. From Monday to Friday I have to get up early to go to college. But if I have nothing to do on the weekends, I prefer to stay in bed until 9 o’clock.

Question 06: What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Answer: It’s usually something light like some toast or cereal. I like to wait until lunch to eat large meals. I like to have a strong coffee as soon as I get up.

IELTS Interview Questions 07: What do you usually do for fun?

Answer: There are a few activities I do for enjoyment. I like hanging out with friends and family. I like going to the movies or going for a swim. 

Question 08: Do you have a hobby?

Answer: Of course, I think we all have hobbies because if we don’t have hobbies, we get bored. Everyone should have a hobby to enjoy a beautiful life. So, I have a hobby like the others. My hobbies are going out and meeting friends, having dinner outside, and spending time with my friends.

Question 09: Do you enjoy going to parties?

Answer: Honestly, I don’t like going to parties much. I feel very comfortable spending time with family and with my friends. But I’m not a fan of partying late at night with friends because I find them quite tiring.

Question 10: Have there been any big changes in your daily activities over the past year?

Answer: Yes, of course, there have been some major changes due to the pandemic. I could not meet my family and friends like before. And I do a lot of my work and study from home. But, some of my routines were the same as reading and running books.

Question 11: What do people like to celebrate in your country?

Answer: Well, most people in my country celebrate family events like birthdays, weddings. Of course, there are also cultural and religious events where people take part. Moreover, we celebrate a lot if our country wins the game of cricket and football.

Question 12: Where do you like to go on vacation?

Answer: For vacation, I like to go abroad. I like to exploring new cultures and seeing the diversity of new places. Last year I was in Spain, and It was a unique and beautiful place. 

IELTS Interview Questions 13: Where do you like to go for food?

Answer: I like to go to a nearby restaurant called Dame. They have different types of food. And, all of them are quite tasty. The food is always fresh and I really like the environment with all the plants and greens. As I said, I like the color green.

IELTS Interview Questions 14: Where do you like shopping for clothes?

Answer: I like buying clothes from shops, malls, and markets. Sometimes I also buy clothes online. I usually buy clothes according to my needs and expenses.

Question 15: What are the advantages of shopping on the streets rather than online?

Answer: The most important thing on the street is a beautiful venue where you can go around and buy the thing of your choice and have the opportunity to test what you are buying.

Question 16: What are the benefits of going shopping with a friend?

Answer: The advantage I get if my friend is with me while shopping is my friend’s opinion. She will be able to give me a good idea to buy the fabric of my choice.

IELTS Interview Questions 17: How often do you go online?

Answer: I spend most of my time online because my clients come through WhatsApp or other social platforms. So, I am a person who stays online most of the time.

Question 18: What do you like most about your country?

Answer: Well India is a diverse country. It is a country of different people belong to different religions, different caste, and different colors. So, I think the unitedness of my country is the best thing I love.

Question 19: What are the major problems of your country?

Answer: Population is a major problem in our country now. Poverty and unemployment follow the same path. Moreover, corruption and drug addiction are also major concerns in my country.

IELTS Interview Questions and Answers 20: Have you ever been to any other country?

Answer: I have not visited any country but in the future, I am willing to do my higher studies in the USA. If I am given a chance to visit a country for tourism I will definitely choose Greece.

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