How friendly are you with your neighbours

How friendly are you with your neighbours? IELTS Speaking: neighbors

The examiner asks the candidate many things like home, work, studies, and neighbors or friends. In this article, we have given some sample answers about neighbors.

How friendly are you with your neighbours?

I am blessed to have some good neighbors who have been with us for many years. They are very close to me, and I think of them as friends. They are friendly and visit us often. We invite them to our home during the celebrations. I like and respect them and value their privacy, and they do. We do not hesitate to extend a helping hand to each other in trouble, and thus we are more than neighbors.

Are you friends with your neighbors?

I love my neighbors. They are lovely. Their children have become my friends. Happily, they always make me laugh with the beautiful words they use. I love them, and I’m happy to have them. It makes me proud that I am their friend. On every prominent occasion, they invite my family, and so do we. Friendship with children is another world and another life to survive.

Do you think the relationships with your neighbors are good?

Off course! I am friends with my neighbors. Some neighbors are closer to me than others. We have known each other for years. All of my neighbors treat each other politely and help each other when needed. We get together, celebrate some occasions. I am lucky to be in such a great neighborhood.

Do you like your neighbors?

Yes. We live in a suburban area where people spend their time with their friends and neighbors, and I know the people next door very well. They visit us often, and we go too. They invite us to see them and we usually party and celebrate together. We often share our troubles and problems with them, and they give us advice and help in many ways. Thus we become good friends.

Do you know the people who live around you?

Yes, I know very well. I live in a small area where people spend their leisure time with friends and neighbors. I see my neighbors often. My family has friendly relations with our neighbors. In an emergency, we are both ready to help each other at any time. We usually spend some time together on the weekends.

We should be friendly towards our neighbors. Why so?

Our neighbors live near our quarters. We meet with them every day. They come to help when needed. We share our joy with them. We make friends with our equivalents. There are times when we get tired, and then talking to someone is one of the things that help us in our busy lives. We need to be friendly and cooperative with them.

How friendly are you with your neighbours?

I think I’m lucky. My neighbors are very kind and helpful. We always help each other in times of need. They invite me, and so do I. I think it is quite a good fortune for me to live next to them.

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