Describe Your Best Friend

Describe Your Best Friend IELTS Speaking | Talk About Your Best Friend IELTS Speaking

This is a common question in IELTS speaking part. You will have to talk about this topic for one to two minutes. So, good preparation will help you create ideas. In this post, we have given some sample answers that will help you in your IELTS test.

Describe Your Best Friend

Answer 01: How would you describe your best friend?

Thank you again for asking such a beautiful question. All my friends are the best for me. But if I think about it, Jara is the best of the best. Now is my time to describe her. Jara is a very good friend of mine for some reason. He is the person I admire the most for his personality and friendly attitude. She is helpful and likes to hang out with people. I first met him at my university in London. She was the most interesting character in the class. I miss those days. Now he lives in London, and I live in Australia. We sometimes talk online.

Answer 02: What do you think about your best friend?

Abid is my best friend. We have been sharing bonds since childhood. We became friends when we lived in the same neighborhood in the city of London. Usually, we do a lot of things together like shopping, watching sports, and playing cricket in my place. He is my best friend because we have the same attitude towards life and our way of living.

Talk About Your Best Friend IELTS Speaking

Answer 03: Talk about your best friend?

Okay, the one I want to talk to you about is my very good friend, Saima. We have been living in the same apartment for over 20 years. We did a lot together. We studied in the same school and have different mutual friends. I call her my best friend because she helps me a lot in my difficult times. Whenever I needed support, she was always there to encourage me. He is very honest and also a loyal person. This is why I consider her my best friend.

Answer 04: How would you describe your best friend?

Abir is a very good friend of mine. The best part of our friendship was that we were the closest neighbors. We’ve been living in the same apartment block for over 20 years. In fact, we are very good friends and love to take part in adventure activities together. He listens to me patiently. I have the highest confidence in him. Whenever I have a problem, the first person I want to talk to is Abir. He is a great listener and mentor. The most intelligent and logical person I know. We often love camping at night. He is my best friend because he shares a strong relationship with me.

Describe Your Best Friend IELTS Speaking Answer

Answer 05: Describe one of your best friends?

Well, if you ask me about my best friend, I would say Rayn is a person who holds my heart as a truly good friend. He is my best friend. I first met him in elementary school when he was my classmate. Our friendship is over 15 years old. Usually, we spend time together playing cricket and many other indoor games. We have created some common interests so far. It’s been eight years we’ve been living in different places, but so far our bonds are the same as a friend and getting better with time.

Answer 06: Talk about your best friend at University.

This is a great opportunity to share with my friend Sophia that who is my best friend. I believe friends make our lives more meaningful and colorful. She is currently working as an expert in a statistics program. I knew her at my university when we graduated from Dhaka University in 2010. I asked her to sit with me, and I introduced myself. We became friends from that moment on, and our friendship continues to this day. She’s more like a sister to me than a friend. We love to help each other in our studies and talk about our personal issues. She is the only person with whom I can share absolutely anything and everything. She is my best friend because she had a great impact on my life. She taught me how to be strong when I have a problem.

Words to describe your best friend:

What are some words that describe your best friend perfectly?

  1. Beautiful
  2. Intelligent
  3. Awesome
  4. Mysterious
  5. Talented
  6. Caring
  7. Amazing
  8. Forgiving
  9. Energetic
  10. Sarcastic
  11. Ambitious
  12. Optimistic
  13. Admirable
  14. Sincere
  15. Expressive
  16. Sensitive
  17. Receptive
  18. Joyful
  19. Funny
  20. Foodie
  21. Honest
  22. Loving
  23. Annoying
  24. My lifeline
  25. Adorable
  26. Notorious
  27. Brilliant
  28. Chatterbox
  29. Kind
  30. Polite
  31. Calming
  32. Close friend
  33. True friend
  34. Supportive
  35. Helpful
  36. Counselor
  37. Advisor
  38. Challenging
  39. Affable
  40. Agreeable
  41. Considerate
  42. Charming
  43. Reliable
  44. Loyal
  45. Intuitive
  46. Versatile
  47. Hardworking
  48. Diligent
  49. Adaptable
  50. Practical
  51. Proactive
  52. Resourceful
  53. Self-disciplined
  54. Dynamic
  55. Unpredictable
  56. Adventurous
  57. Hilarious
  58. Cheerful
  59. Cheerful
  60. Humorous
  61. Chatty
  62. Amusing
  63. Easy going
  64. Fearless
  65. Persistent
  66. Determined
  67. Decisive
  68. Passionate
  69. Courageous
  70. Outgoing
  71. Moody
  72. Quiet

You can use these lines:

  • She / He is fantastic
  • She / He is straightforward
  • He / She is realistic
  • He / She is impartial
  • She / He is observant
  • She / He is trustworthy
  • He / She is my motivation.
  • He /She is caring and loving
  • She / He is as real as he actually is
  • She / He is my secret keeper
  • He is not less than my brother

What a true friend do:

  1. A true friend is very connective.
  2. A true friend reduces your stress.
  3. A true friend knows all your dirty secrets.
  4. A true friend trusts and understands you.
  5. A true friend is one who always defends you socially.
  6. A true friend uses your things like her own.
  7. A true friend is very possessive and protective.
  8. A true friend can predict and knows your mood.
  9. A true friend is one with whom you can discuss all your regrets.
  10. A true friend does not need permission to eat your food.
  11. A true friend does not laugh at your work even if it is funny.
  12. A true friend is sensible sometimes and sometimes too weird.

More sentences to talk about your friend:

  1. She is kind.
  2. He is honest.
  3. He is quite handsome.
  4. She is very Pretty.
  5. He is a handsome friend.
  6. She is very beautiful.
  7. He is very clever.
  8. She is interesting.
  9. My friend has curly red hair.
  10. My friend’s hair is very short and black.
  11. My friend has long beautiful hair, really wavy, and it’s a dark brown color.

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