//Preposition কাকে বলে? Preposition কত প্রকার ও কি কি?
Preposition কাকে বলে? Preposition কত প্রকার ও কি কি? Save

Preposition কাকে বলে? Preposition কত প্রকার ও কি কি?

Preposition কাকে বলে?

আমরা জানি যে, Pre অর্থ পূর্বে position অবস্থান। অর্থাৎ যেসব Word কোনো Noun বা Pronoun এর পূর্বে বসে অন্যন্য শব্দের সাথে একটি সম্পর্ক স্থাপন করে, তখন তাকে Preposition বলা হয়। সুতরাং Preposition হলো সম্পর্কবাচক শব্দ যা অন্যন্য শব্দের সাথে সম্পর্ক তৈরি বা নির্দেশ করতে ব্যবহৃত হয়।

Preposition কত প্রকার ও কি কি?

গঠন ও কাজের ভিত্তিতে Preposition কে ৬ ভাগে ভাগ করা হয়েছে; যেমন:

  1. Simple Preposition
  2. Double
  3. Compound
  4. Phrase
  5. Participle
  6. Disguised

১. Simple Preposition:

শুধু মাত্র একটি Word দিয়ে Simple Preposition গঠিত হয়।


  • Rahim Swam at the lake.
  • I got a prize from a company.
  • Meena was sleeping on the floor.
  • Sabrina took a rest under a tree.

Simple Preposition গুলি হলো:

At In By of off for from on over out
to under with up After Against Upon till down

2. Double Preposition:

দুটি Simple Preposition একত্রে যুক্ত হয়ে তৈরি হয় Double Preposition.


  • They ran out of fuel.
  • She put the book onto the table.
  • I am coming within five minutes.
  • I can’t do this project without your help.

Double Preposition গুলি হলো:

upon Into Onto out of Within without throughout off on off to up to next to

3. Compound Preposition:

Noun, Pronoun, Adverb এর আগে/পূর্বে Simple Preposition যুক্ত হয়ে যে Prepositionগঠিত হয়, তখন তাকে Compound Preposition বলা হয়।


  • The kite was flying above.
  • Bring along your friend.
  • He stood behind the door.
  • Was Adhora concerned about the money?
Compound Preposition গুলি হলো:
on+by+up=above on+by+out=About no+long=along on+cross=across By+yound=beyond in+side=inside
by+fore=before by+hind=behind by+low=below by+side=beside by+tween=between out+side=outside
4. Phrase Preposition:

যখন একাধিক Preposition/word একত্রে হয়ে একটি Preposition এর মতো কাজ করে, তখন তাকে Phrase Preposition বলা হয়।


  • A car was parked in front of my house.
  • Today’s game was stopped on account of rain.
  • I gave the children water instead of soft drinks.
  • In spite of the mud and weather, he felt much better.

Phrase Preposition গুলি হলো:

on account of in front of instead of in course of by hint of in spite of

5. Participle Preposition:

কিছু শব্দ বা words যেমন Present Participle(verb+ing) Past Participle(verb past participle) যদি Preposition এর ন্যায় কাজ করে তাহলে তাকে Participle Preposition বলা হয়।


  • Play according to the rules.
  • All information regarding the meeting was true.
  • The student was taken from one class to another.
  • Life is about Accepting the problems and finding the solutions.

Participle Preposition গুলি হলো:

According Regarding Taken Accepting Barring Expecting
Considering Touching Granted Past Notwithstanding pending
following given provided including failing barred

6. Disguised Preposition:

কখনো কখনো on এবং of এর পরিবর্তে ‘a’  ‘o’ ব্যবহৃত হয়, তখন এদেরকে Disguised Preposition বলা হয়।


  • She went a hunting. (on hunting)
  • The morning begins with & o’clock. (of clock)

কিছু গুরুত্বপূর্ণ Preposition এর উদাহরণ:


  • Rahim walked along this road.
  • You will find his office just along the corridor.


  • After an hour I went home.
  • Kamal arrived shortly after 5.
  • Shut the door after you.
  • Day after day he began to become mad.


  • This year inflation is above 5%.
  • We were flying above the clouds.
  • I rate him above most other players of his age.


  • I found the letter among his papers.
  • She was among the last to leave.
  • They divided the money up among the children.


  • She walked across the field.
  • There is a line across the page.
  • Karim hit him across the face.


  • His age is against her.
  • The evidence is against her.
  • They were rowing against the current.


  • He traveled around the world.
  • She puts her arms around him.
  • There he is coming round the corner.


  • Our office started at 9 am.
  • Rubel meets her at the hospital.
  • How many people were at the train station?
  • The garden is at its most beautiful appearance when flowers bloom.


  • Sakil arrived before me.
  • Rayhan has lived since before the war.
  • Your name is before mine on the list.


  • She dived below the surface of the water.
  • A police sergeant is below an inspector.


  • This is just between you and me.
  • I sat down between Redoy and Popy.


  • During the holiday, we do not have to study.
  • The old road is sometimes closed during winter.

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