Topic Specific Vocabulary for IELTS

Topic Specific Vocabulary for IELTS | Topic wise vocabulary for IELTS

In IELTS writing tasks 1, 2, and speaking, your vocabulary makes up 25% of your score. So a quarter of your score goes into vocabulary. In this article, we are going to look at the different words you need to know for IELTS speaking.

In order to improve your vocabulary here are four simple things to do:

  1. Read a wide range of topics.
  2. Learn vocabulary in context
  3. Right new words in your notebook.
  4. Regularly Practice that vocabulary and test yourself.

Topic Specific Vocabulary for IELTS:

IELTS speaking topic: Education Vocabulary

Graduate literate Primary education
Graduation illiterate Secondary school
Qualified Concentrate Higher Education
Qualifications Concentration Learn
Co-educational Research Study
Literacy Experience Insightful
Diligent Fastidious Credentials
Diploma Scholarships Grants
Degree Fellowships To enroll
Bachelor’s Degree Bursaries To attend
Syllabus Presentations Tutorials
Assignments Lectures Lessons

Why Is Education Important?

Answer: Education is very important for all of us. It is the process of acquiring knowledge, values, skills, beliefs, and moral habits. Education is essential for lifelong knowledge, way of life, and improvement of social and economic conditions. It helps a person to meet the basic qualifications of the job and creates the possibility for them to secure a better job. That can help you improve your career and your personal growth. An educated person can be a great citizen of society. It helps you make the right decisions in life.

Topic Specific Vocabulary: Subjects

Business Science Arts
Management Physics History
Marketing Chemistry Geography
Accounting Biology English
Finance Maths Political Science

Do you work or are you a student?

Answer: I’m currently a student. I am studying at university. My subject is history which has been a passion of mine although I’ve always been very interested in ancient people and stories from the past. 

IELTS Vocabulary Topic: Culture & Society

Customs Heritage Rituals
Living Cultural Diversity Clothes
Food Cultural Conflicts Cooking
Values Local Culture Religion
Behavior Cultural Stereotypes Myths
Beliefs Global Culture Misconception
Ethnicity Cross Culture Racial Discrimination
Tradition Cultural Heritage Traditional Barriers
Diversity Cultural Traits Tolerance
Discrimination Cultural Dominance Equality
Majority Minority Xenophobia

Describe a foreign culture of your choice?

Answer: I have always been fascinated by Canadian culture. Multicultural Canada focuses on ensuring that all religions and beliefs are celebrated and represented in their residents. There are many organizations, mosques, Sikhs, churches, and chapels across Canada, most of which encourage community outreach and organize social events. Canada is recognized worldwide for its leadership on the issue of human rights and takes a policy stance to promote Canadian values of pluralism and tolerance around the world.

IELTS vocabulary related to Fitness, Diet, and Health:

Nutrients Ingredients Appetite
Vitamins Digest Fiber
Proteins Ingest Regular
Carbohydrates Fats Burn off
Minerals Overweight Work out
Eating Disorder Obesity Immune system
Allergy Overeating Health risks
Variety Additive Poor health
Diabetes Prevent Healthy diet
Diagnose Effect Healthy appetite
Addiction Keep fit Good Health

Why it is Necessary to Have a Healthy Diet?

Answer: A balanced diet indicates choosing a variety of foods from different food groups, particularly: vegetables and fruits, proteins, dairy products, carbohydrates, etc. It rescues you against many chronic non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. It keeps our bodies and minds healthy and well. Increases human immunity so the body stays healthy. Also helps to reduce body fat, energizes the body, and provides energy to the body.

IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Talking about Family & Friends

Father Mother Family
Parents Aunts Adolescence
Cousins Uncles Nurture
Nephew Grandparents Brother-in-law
Siblings Relative Father-in-law
Sister Relationship Mother-in-law
Brother Husband Sister-in-law
Children Wife Buddy
Spouse Child Bosom Friends
Niece Son Close friends
Relation Daughter Stepbrother/sister

Is your family important to you?

Answer: Definitely, My family is the center of my world. As you know, the family provides a structure of love, support, and values to each of its members. Family members guide one another, help one another, and share life’s joys and sorrows. There are five people in my family. I have one sister, two brothers and of course my parents. I really love my family too much.

Topic Specific Vocabulary related to Technology:
Tools Easy to use Headphones
Machines User Friendly Charging port
Newest Affect Volume button
Most recent Innovative Power button
Best Vital Turn on
Device Channels Turn off
Massive Microphone Watch
Lead Keyboard Laptop
Error Notification Privacy
Obsolete Earbuds Glitch
Tablet Phone Browse
TV Internet Website

Learn English Vocabulary: Body & Organs

Head Gut Heart
Face Eyes Brain
Muscles Eyebrows Lungs
Arms Eyelids Kidneys
Hand Eye Lashes Liver
Elbow Ears Stomach
Foot Ear Lobe Bladder
Ankle Cheeks Blood Vessels
Toes Hair Forehead
Heel Scalp Neck
Chest Mouth Shoulders
Gums Lips Body

IELTS Vocabulary Practice: Hometown

Town Cosmopolitan Located
City Rundown Recognize
Urban Touristic Restaurants
Rural Picturesque Shops
Quaint Vibrant Banks
Suburb Bustling Manufacturing
Capital Lively Fishing
Village Hectic Hospitality
Vineyard Community Services industry
Orchard Neighbors Shopping Malls
Out of town People Upmarket
Nostalgia Close-Knit Pavement Cafe
Sprawling Native Place Public Transportation
Air Pollution Tourist Traffic Congestion

IELTS Vocabulary related to Science:

Scientific Discoveries DNA
Scientist Breakthroughs Clone
Research Popular Science Gene
Journals Exact Science Genetic Engineering
Articles Hard Science Geoengineering
Theory Cyber Microscope
Experiment Cyberbullying Telescope
Evolution cybercafe Chemical
side effects Nuclear Power Temperature
Cell Robot Thermometer
Virus Magnet Molecule
Bacteria Atom Reflection
Cell Culture Organism Fossil
Nucleus Proton Test Tube
Neutron Electron Lab
Weather Liquid Battery
Scales Solid Gas

Crime and Punishment Vocabulary for IELTS:

Criminal Legislation Jury
Victim Prevention Justice
Illegal Probation Police
Offender Imprisonment Murder
Commit Rehabilitate Fraud
Convict Jail Suspect
Guilt Gavel Defendant
Fine Gun Detective
Badge Handcuffs Judge
Fingerprint Witness Rape
IELTS Speaking Vocabulary: Work and Jobs
Employee Salary / Wages Career
Employer Bonus Personnel
Employment Commission Profession
Unemployment Reimbursement Occupation
Vacancy Financial Incentives Vocation
Jobless Remuneration Employed Person
Between jobs Compensation Resign
Self-employed Allowance Retire
Public Sector Pay Freelancer
Private Sector Stipend Staff
Income Tips Hire
Overtime Severance Pay Fire
Rewarding Field Shift

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