A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Book Fair

A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Book Fair

Question: Suppose, you are Jamil. You have gone to visit a book fair with your parents. There you meet your friend Khalid. Now, write a dialogue on the talk you had with Khalid about the book fair.

Answer: A Dialogue Between Two Friends About Book Fair

Jamil HI! Khalid. How are you?
Khalid Hey! I’m fine. What about you?
Jamil I’m also fine. When did you come to the fair?
Khalid About an hour ago. What about you?
Jamil I just came. Who are they?
Khalid They are my parents. Is he your brother?
Jamil Yes, he is my cousin Sabbir. Did you buy any kind of book?
Khalid Yes! You know, I like Arif Azad very much. I bought the paradoxical Sajid. And you?
Jamil I only visited a few stalls. Let’s go to the stall together and find interesting books.
Khalid Sure. What kinds of books do you like?
Jamil I’m interested in buying detective novels and science fiction books.
Khalid Let’s go to Muktodhara Prokashoni. There we can get all the books of our choice.
Jamil Good Idea. Let’s go.
Khalid These books may be your choice in this stall.
Jamil Oh yes! I like this story book. Looks interesting.
Khalid Nice choice. I need to go now.
Jamil Sure. Thanks for your help.
Khalid You’re welcome.

Question: Dialogue Between You And Your Friend About Your Visit to A Book Fair.

Answer: A dialogue between two friends about visiting a book fair.

Rayn Hi! Shawan. How are you?
Shawan I’m well. What about you?
Rayn I’m fine too. Did you visit the book fair that started last week?
Shawan Yes, I did. On Sunday I went to the book fair.
Rayn Why didn’t you take me?
Shawan Sorry. I forgot to inform you.
Rayn Okay. Did you go there alone?
Shawan No. I went there with my parents.
Rayn How was the book fair?
Shawan That was nice and crowded. The number of book stalls was more this year than in other years. Moreover, there were many foreign book stalls.
Rayn Have you bought any books?
Shawan Yes, I have bought two science fiction story books and detective novels.
Rayn Will you take me to the book fair on Tuesday?
Shawan Sure. Why not?
Rayn Thank you, my friend.
Shawan You’re welcome. Soon see you again.

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