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Past perfect tense কাকে বলে? Past perfect tense এর উদাহরণ?

Past perfect tense কাকে বলে Past perfect tense এর উদাহরণ

Past perfect tense কাকে বলে?
অতীতকালে দুইটি কাজ হয়ে থাকলে যে কাজটি পূর্বে বা আগে হয়েছিল সেটি Verb এর Past perfect tense হয় এবং যে কাজটি পরে সংঘটিত হয়েছিল সেটি Verb এর Past indefinite tense হয়।

Past perfect tense বাংলায় চেনার উপায়: কোনো নির্দষ্ট অতীতকালের ঘটনার পূর্বে ছিল, ছিলাম, ছিলে, ছিলেন, ল, লাম, লে, লেন, ত, তাম, তে, তেন ইত্যাদি যুক্ত থাকে।

Structure 1: Subject + had + verb এর Past participle + Extension
*Structure 2: Subject + had + মূল verb এর Past participle form + before + subject + মূল verb এর past form

*Structure 3: Subject + মূল verb এর past form + after + subject + had + মূল verb এর Past participle form

Example of Past perfect Tense:

  1. He said that he dad done the work.
  2. I came here after you had left.
  3. Kabir had met her before the party.
  4. Rahim told me that he had finished his homework.
  5. The patient had died before the doctor came.
  6. The patient died after the doctor had came.
  7. I had written the email before he apologized.
  8. They had reached the station before the train left.
  9. I had never seen such a beautiful sunset before I went to the island.
  10. She had visited several doctors before she found out what the problem was with her hand.

**Note– Before and After: সাধারণত Before এর প্রথম অংশ Past perfect Tense হয় এবং পরের অংশ past indefinite tense হয়। আবার After এর ক্ষেত্রে প্রথম অংশ হয় Past indefinite tense এবং পরের অংশ past perfect tense হয়। 

Past perfect Tense এর ব্যবহার সমূহ: 

১. অতীতকালের দুটি কাজ বা ঘটনা সংঘটিত হলে যেটি আগে ঘটেছে তা বুঝাতে Past perfect tense ব্যবহৃত হয়। 

যেমন: The patient had died before the doctor came.

২. since, as, because, when, while, before, after, as soon as, till, until, once, now, than, that ইত্যাদি সময়জ্ঞাপক Conjunction দ্বারা যুক্ত clause এর একটি past indefinite tense এর হলে অন্যটির past perfect tense হয়।

Structure 1: Conjunction + past perfect + …. + past indefinite
Structure 2: past perfect + Conjunction + past indefinite


  • As soon as the rain had stopped, they went home.
  • They had sailed away to the south until they arrived in the cold grey sea.

MCQ Exercise of Past perfect Tense:

  1. The man sitting beside the window was nervous. He _____ before.
    A) didn’t fly
    B) hasn’t flown
    C) wasn’t flying
    D) hadn’t flown
    Answer: D) hadn’t flown
  2. Samiya ______ there for three years when Kabir joined the company.
    A) worked
    B) working
    C) had worked
    D) have worked
    Answer: C) had worked
  3. I ________ the songs before the program started.
    A) practiced
    B) had practiced 
    C) practicing
    D) will practicing
    Answer: B) had practiced 
  4. He ______ around the world before he came to Bangladesh.
    A) traveled
    B) is traveling
    C) had traveled 
    D) will traveling
    Answer: C) had traveled 
  5. He had changed so much since I last saw him that I hardly ______ him.
    A) recognized
    B) glanced
    C) noticed
    D) watched
    Answer: A) recognized
  6. The construction of past perfect follows—-
    A) He has eaten
    B) He had spoken the truth
    C) I have gone
    D) I have spoken
    Answer: B) He had spoken the truth
  7. We _____ that you would be able to visit us.
    A) was hope
    B) had hoped
    C) are hope
    D) will hoped
    Answer: B) had hoped

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